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Add beautiful music to your home when you shop with us for new or used organs in Boston, MA. Main Street Music LLC carries instruments from the top manufacturers in the industry today. Whether you are a first-time player or a seasoned professional, turn to us to discover our Roland organ and products from other leading names.

Organs vs. Pianos

While many people think of organs and pianos as the same instrument, there are many key differences to consider when shopping at our music store. Although these two instruments require the same type of technique, the similarities end there.

Pianos are classified as percussion instruments, while organs are considered to be woodwinds. These instruments produce sound in very different ways, which impacts how they should be played. Whether you are looking for a specific sound or you are just getting your feet wet in the music world, you will find the perfect instrument at our store. When you shop with us, we will help you choose the right product for your music goals. Our selection includes Roland, Hammond, Lowrey, Viscount, Nord, Dexibell, Orla, Wersi, and Korg organs as well as other major brands.

New & Used Organs from Top Brands

There's nothing quite like the beautiful music played by a home organ. These instruments make a great addition to the beauty and class of your home.

Make the right choice for your organs when you turn to our local music store. Our selection of instruments includes options from some of the top names in music today. When you purchase your organ from our store, you can trust that your new or used piece will last for countless hours of playing time.

We Help You Play Your New Organs

Whether you have never touched an organ key or you are a seasoned professional, there is always something to learn for your instruments. We invite you to take advantage of our in-depth lessons for your new or used organs. As part of our focus on quality service for our customers, we offer one free lesson with the purchase of any instrument.

Lowrey EZ10 Virtual Orchestra

The EZ-10 comes with expanded voicing and style accompaniments, coupled with the Lowrey interactive performer technology which offers three primary "soundscape" selections (featuring pianist, guitarist and full band). All of this affords the player/composer nearly endless music making possibilities, at the push of a button.

Comes with a 44 note upper keyboard and a 61 lower keyboard, as well as an authentic sounding full range stereo system.

Additionally, the Lowrey EZ-10 Virtual Orchestra is equipped with a 13- pedal (one octave) pedal board unit and expression pedal (sustain and volume).

Comes in an attractive rosewood finish case.

Lowrey Organ, Captioned

Lowrey Organ

Viscount Legend Organ- Description

The Viscount Legend Organ with the latest tone-wheel modeling technology and newly designed rotary and amp simulations, recreates the sound of tone-wheel organs and offers as a result that "vintage feeling".

With 4 sets of draw-bars (two per keyboard) and two waterfall action, 61 note keyboards (manuals) with high trigger points for ultra fast response, The Legend has no equal in advanced technology sound and feel and at a very affordable price.

The harmonic percussion and "keyclick" (soft/normal volume) has been vastly improved as compared to other makes and models.

Effects include: volume vibrato, and chorus.
Upper manual "real-time controls include volume, reverb, drive, keyclick fine-tuning, crosstalk, tone controls, pedals: sustain, percussion, (decay, volume).
Lower manual real-time controls include: reverb (post/pre, hall, spring) drive (classic, rock), tone-wheel model ('30,'50, '70), transpose, rotary (direct classic/rock, hold int/ext).

Connections include audio in/out, audio pedals, output, FX send/return, analog in, input gain.

The Legend is fully MIDI ( 2 in, 2 out and thru), USB power charge can supply smartphone/tablet.

There is available an optional full sized heavy duty pedal unit, with the same radius as the classical tone-wheel models giving the pedals just the right feel.

The new Viscount Legend is truly a marvel in digital technology and is far and away the the most advanced recreation of the vintage B3 sound and feel.

Viscount Legend - Side Front

Viscount Legent - Front

Roland AT-300 Atelier

Roland AT-300 Atelier

  • Superb organ sounds and orchestral voices
  • Easy-to-use rhythm function
  • High-quality built-in stereo speaker system
  • Harmonic bars for enhanced organ sound and performance
  • Waterfall-style lower keyboard
  • Multi-function USB port can be used for optional memory key (M-UF1G), floppy drive (FD-01A), or CD drive (CD-01A) (play along with VIMA TUNES songs or audio CDs)


Roland Atelier Combo AT-350CThe new ATELIER Combo AT-350C houses a “greatest hits” lineup of features and sounds, including authentic vintage organ, in a travel-friendly instrument made for the stage. Experience the magic of SuperNATURAL sounds and Virtual Tone Wheel technology under the real-time control of a double-manual keyboard and expressive controllers. Harmonic bars provide a traditional organ experience, while the invisible D Beam controller takes you into the future. Add complete backing tracks to your live show with the built-in library of Musical Styles, or MIDI- or audio-file playback, all with interactive control. Kick live bass with an optional pedalboard. This boundary-breaking instrument sets a new standard in live-performance versatility and borderless musical expression for all ages and musical preferences.

Contact us to shop at our music store for your new and used organs. We feature a Roland organ and other top brands for customers throughout Cambridge, Newton, Wellesley, Waltham, New England, and the Greater Boston area with nationwide shipping available.

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