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Grand Pianos
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Here are interesting facts that will help you understand the merits of grand pianos as well as important factor why you should buy them.

One common misconception about grand pianos is that they sound better than upright pianos. This is not entirely true, there are lots of factors that can affect the quality of sound an instrument can produce. The quality of raw materials being used, the length of the strings, the scale, the craftsmanship, the size and other few elements to consider. If upright pianos can create tones just as good as grand pianos, why should you pay extra fortune for a grand piano? The answer lies in the action.

The grand piano uses gravity to evenly reset the components to its resting position. The action in a grand piano permits the player greater control. Then that leaves us to the questions, why we should pick grand pianos over upright pianos? Simple! “Investment!” As you progress from a beginner to a professional player, your playing skill improves and by then, you will enjoy the touch of grand pianos and outperforms someone with the same skill level playing upright pianos.