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A house with a piano shows a loving and caring family. The music a piano creates give a relaxing effect that slows the heart rate, reduce blood pressure and lower the level of stress and you don’t need a large living room space to own a piano, upright pianos are the type of pianos that can be easily transported and fit in a tight space in anywhere you want in your house.

Compared to a baby grand piano, upright pianos have longer strings and a larger soundboard than a small grand piano, it should be noted that tall upright pianos of high quality produce a better sound and a greater volume than a lower-price small grand piano does.

Upright pianos are made in various dimensions; the smallest are called spinets or consoles, and these are considered to have an inferior sound resulting from the shortness of their strings and their relatively small soundboards. The larger upright pianos earned its popularity in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.